Dead Leaves and Cold Ground

Seems all the dead leaves about are a good indicator that it’s time to thin out the spooky on the playlist. The next two months are the low periods for myself, spooky-music wise. Figure the mood has shifted, away from being charmed by songs of werewolves and Dracula’s daughters. It’s getting colder, getting darker soon. It’s time to button up the jacket or slip a hooded sweatshirt under as an extra layer. The cold brings quiet and stillness.

It’s a bad time to bury a body. The earth becomes uncooperative sometime right around the middle of the Month. Have to use the big machines which always seems a way to cheat a client out of a good service, but now is not the season for shovels.

No, it’s a time to take a break from pumpkins and dancing skeletons. Not a time to break away from the overall feeling. A cold mist is as scary as ever during this time. And a lot can happen when it starts to snow. Though I mentioned I have no love for vampires, that ’30 Days of Night’ movie wasn’t bad (from one who hasn’t read the original source.) Plus, as the snow flies, we’ll talk about all the different spooky movies and stories and what not that can turn your winter’s nights into winter’s frights.

But until then, let us rest. And remind ourselves that things can be frightening even if they’re not about bloodsuckers or howling at the moon.

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