Merry Christmassacre (and Happy Horrordays)!

I originally wasn’t sure what I should call this post. Gravedigger’s Local 16 strives to be all-inclusive and not promote one holiday over another (save for Halloween), but I already used the title “Happy Horrordays” last year and didn’t want to repeat myself. So I decided to do three separate posts devoted to the holidays that get the most focus: Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Although I came up with pun names like “Killwanzaa” and “Hanukkill” (or should it be “Chanukill?”), I couldn’t think of anything horror-related that would properly fit either of those holidays to my satisfaction. Maybe some of you out there in readerland could give me a few suggestions?

Then came the issue of coming up with horror pun names (and content) for holidays like HumanLight, (HumanFright? HumaimLight?) Festivus or any of the other holidays observed in December. In fact, it’s became more and more obvious to me why people opt to just stick with “Happy Holidays.”

So I just gave up and slapped together something involving clips from some Christmas-themed slasher movies I found on kennethjohnali’s Youtube channel:

Those of you who don’t get the joke should read this. And since that (reedited) clip from Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 so short, let’s follow it up with more clips from the film:

And seeing as I already linked to some clips from that movie in July, here’s some stuff from the original Silent Night, Deadly Night:

Happy Horrordays!

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