Away He GoGoes.

Just found out that Kevin “Sir GoGo Ghastly” Hair retired from The Ghastly Ones. They made the announcement on the site back on January 28th. 

THE GHASTLY ONES want to extend a ghoulishly warm welcome to our newest member Ryan “Cousin Boris” Watusi who will be pounding the bass guitar in our band from here on out. Many thanks to Sir Go Go Ghostly for his years of service. Sir Ghostly has retired to the ghastly graveyard and we wish him all the best as well. Come see Cousin Boris’ debut on Saturday April 3 at HAUNTED HOUSE AU GO-GO!!!

Sir Ghastly was one of the founding members of the Ghastly Ones. Next year is the band’s 15th anniversary. I’m glad I got to see him in 2007. Wish the best for him and the Ghastly Ones. Shame though. Hopefully this means that both Ghastly and Ghastly Ones ascend to new personal and professional heights this year. One can hope.

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  1. […] I say “consisted of” since Sir Go Go Ghastly has since left to pursue other projects. […]

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