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Go to any discussion of horror films and you’re sure to find people wondering, if not complaining, why certain films haven’t gotten released onto DVD yet.

But I have good news! Turner Classic Movies has set up a website where you can vote for which movies should get a DVD release. The more votes a film gets, the more likely that TCM will approach the licensor or rightsholder about getting it released. You can vote for as many movies as you want, but the best thing to do is for all of us to have a certain film to specifically vote for. After all, we’re more influential together than we are separately. I know this sounds corny, but together we really can make a difference!

I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices, but it was Twitter user bobfreelander‘s Tweet about voting for Island of Lost Souls that helped me make a decision. So click here and look for the place to vote (where fill in your email address) on the right hand side of the screen. Then feel free to search for other films to vote for. Remember, you can only vote once for each film.

And really, it’s just ridiculous for a horror classic starring Bela Lugosi to not be on DVD…

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