PuppeTose Street Vol. 1 & 2

PuppeTose Street Vol. 1 & 2

Despite the name, PuppeTose Street isn’t a parody of Sesame Street, though both utilize puppets and seem to be about learning. But those taught by Fuller and Milo are not the lessons of Muppet-stock. Along with Gypsy Bitch, Louis Lackluster and the landlord, Buford T. Hick, the cast of PuppeTose street teach you a lesson or two with each episode.



  • Sharing — “If you’re going to have sex with passed out women, you NEED TO WEAR A RUBBER.”
  • Personal Responsibility — “Remember: When hiding your intoxicants, make sure you’re not too intoxicated to remember.”
  • Be Prepared — “Zombies are so fucking stupid. I wouldn’t be a stupid zombie. I’d be a – smart zombie. I’d know how to get brains.I’d have brains IN RESERVE. I’d have a system of when I got all fucked up ’cause I needed a brain and I couldn’t find one – I would have one. And nobody would fuck with me either, ’cause I would be dead.”


When first seeing Fuller and Milo, it’s easy to think that PuppeTose Street might be a Beavis and Butthead parody, but Ross Wilsey & co.’s collected wit shows through the papier-mâché characters. Both Fuller and Milo wax poetically about their degenerative behaviors as men who think a lot about what little they do. There are no redeeming factors here, though. Everyone is pretty comfortable with how completely vile and worthless they are and there’s something endearing about that.

It wouldn’t be such an odd sight to see an episode of PuppeTose Street in the Adult Swim line-up since each ten-to-twelve minute show features a clever story and a catchy song (with such lyrics as “Sex With A Passed Out Girl/Is Like Sex With Melted Ice Cream” are deplorable and catchy as all hell) This lo-budget/no-budget production of low-class/now-class individuals is a little more accessible to the common mongrel than the more serious attempts by PuppeTose. Going for the lowest common denominator means reaching the highest amount of people.

Like ‘Valley of the Robots,’ PuppeTose’s production shows that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make something look really good. This will be repeated in the following reviews and it’s something that can be told to a lot of people.  IT DOESN’T TAKE A LOT OF MONEY TO MAKE SOMETHING LOOK REALLY GOOD. Considering the fabricated reality of the PuppeTose world is of colored construction paper, paint and crayon, what Wilsey & Co. do is rather impressive, especially in the ‘Wife Swap’ episode where an escaped mental patient scalps an unknowing gas station attendant. The gore is less than what one might expect a spooky site like this to cover but we’re about digging up some of the weird and the wild and bizarre; it doesn’t get any better than this (or, like the opening song points out, “you’re no better than PuppeTose Street.” So you don’t DESERVE any better than this. Amen.)

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