Tuesday uEtsy: The Mighty Squirm

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The Mighty Squirm (TheMightySquirm.etsy.com)

The t-shirt. We’re wearing one right now. We hope you are, if you have decided to wear something today (or tonight, whenever you’re reading this.) The Local tries to negotiate some leeway in the uniform but it all boils down to a workshirt and a pair of jeans. Sometimes, one might class it up with a matching pair of work pants but each digs the dirt the way they like it, really. Some workers get so committed to the uniform that it’s hard to peel it off (literally) from their bodies. So the Local advises, though not officially dictates, that at least three t-shirts comprise a member’s wardrobe.

Luckily, The Mighty Squirm have that (and hopefully you) covered.

Granted, the t-shirt has become some kind of second currency in the last fifty-million years, or it feels that every site offers some kind of t-shirt related goods. Oh, we might, eventually. But until then, look towards The Mighty Squirm for some horror themed apparel that has a lot more class to it than what you might find elsewhere. And let’s face it – class is rare to find on a t-shirt. Take the pirate up above. Seems rather fine art on cloth, yes? Wouldn’t that be better than some rough, reproduced, falsely-weathered design you could get anywhere? Of course.

Of course, we’d be partial to the above design. It gives a different perspective on our daily work. And you knew if you saw a lady sporting this finery, she’d be the settling-down-with, hope-she-doesn’t-eat-me-during-the night type.

We never really get the appeal of falsely-aged clothing. Of course, we’re not the only ones. Mr. Marty hitchhiked his way off to Cooperstown, mainly to lay low after the Walkens Chicken incident. When he came back, told of how he was taken in by these young drifter kids on bicycles. Thought that hobos were having kids or something, from the way they were dressed. Beards and second-hand clothing. He was king of the Goodwill pile, that Marty. He left them when he found their music boring and that no one had anything but American Spirits. Marty maybe mangey but he’s a loyal Lucky Strikes guy. This is all rather unrelated to how incredible this dinosaur t-shirt is, but if you were ever to buy it for your kid (as The Mighty Squirm has children’s sizes) then you can pretty much ensure that your kid never grows up to be anyone related to that story. We love Marty, and all, but the man smells.

Of course, you don’t have to go with dinos, hearses or pirates. There’s also dragons. Flying skeletal dragons, breathing fire! Imagine that. It’s like everything good about your neighbor’s van art, on a t-shirt. And not on a van, because goodness, no art is really great when it takes van-form. But in this Mighty Squirm t-shirt? They’ve reached the perfect balance between dragons, skeletons and t-shirt to provide you a dragon skeleton on a t-shirt.

You’ll find at The Mighty Squirm’s shop that they have some of their artwork for sale as prints, in case you want to preserve the image from one of their designs. It also gives you a chance to appreciate the detail in their line work. Take a look at this skeletal mermaid and you can appreciate the amount of detail that went into creating this creature. It’s almost attractive in the ‘deadly mythical creature bound to bring me to my doom’ sort of way, or in the general, pretty impressive talented art way, as well.

The Mighty Squrim! They have a Twitter account, a website and, of course, an Etsy Store. You have money. We think you two should get together and mingle. We also think you should come back next week for another installment of Tuesday uEtsy!

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