2010 Contest Page Update

We’re almost three weeks away from the deadline (October 16th, 2010) for our Gravediggers Local 16 2010 Halloween Contest. We’ve already received some incredible entries so far! And we’re accepting entries until One minute until Midnight (11:59pm EST) on October 16th. Remember, you can send three (3) limericks and one (1) artistic expression.  Remember, every entrant who includes a mailing address gets something neat and spooky. It won’t be much but it’ll be our way of saying ‘You entered our contest. You rock. Seriously, you do.”

Last week, we announced an entry to the PAIN IN THE NECK grand prize pack. So this week, OUT OF YOUR GOURD gets an addition with….

Zombie Pumpkins (www.zombiepumpkins.com) is site in it’s 8th year of operation, providing up to 220+ carving pattens for the pumpkin enthusiast. You will have the pleasuring of picking 25 out of  over-two-hundred designs when you win a Break Ground membership.

If you’re someone who is going to have their pumpkin carved well ahead of the October 23th announcement date, don’t fret. Zombie Pumpkins memberships are good for 9 months and the site provides ideas on how to apply the designs for other occasions!

Note – Zombie Pumpkins is not affiliated, sponsoring, endorses or is responsible for this contest in any way. Winners will have an account purchased by Gravediggers Local 16. Any gripes about the contest can be sent to frontoffice [at] gravediggerslocal.com. If winning contestant is currently a ZombiePumpkins member, the ‘break ground’ account will be purchased at the end of the current, existing ZP membership. This is a disclaimer. This has been a disclaimer.

Update: Patchmaster General Ryan at ZombiePumpkins.com has graciously offered to donate a ‘Break Ground’ membership to the winner! We want to thank Ryan and www.ZombiePumpkins.com for such a generous offer! Let’s all give a big Halloween Thank You to Zombie Pumpkins (here on TwitterFacebook and even on their YouTube channel!) 

Remember how we’re going to announce who wins what this week? We still are. Come back in a few  hours days for the news. Or follow us on Twitter (@GdL16) or Facebook for early scoops.

Enter today in our contest! Deadline is 10/16.  

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  1. […] Although they are all businesses, they do also offer a generous selection of free stuff. The Pumpkin Lady even offers extra specials and free patterns to her Facebook fans and exclusive deals and other goodies to those who join her newsletter! Similarly, both Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils and Zombie Pumpkins offer special bonuses on their Facebook pages, and all of the sites mention numerous deals and freebies on their Twitter feeds. Zombie Pumpkins also deserves an extra special shout-out for kindly donating a year’s subscription to their service as a prize for our 2010 Halloween contest. […]

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