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CLICK HERE for the Gravediggers Local 16 2010 Halloween Contest.

We are officially within the countdown to the October 16th deadline for the 2010 Halloween Contest here at the Local. That’s a long sentence, but it sums everything up: submit your three (3) limericks and/or one (1) artful expression demonstrating the theme of this year’s contest – ‘something spooky is happening at the Local’s Halloween Party’ – by October 16th.

We’ve already received entries and we’re still thirty days away! Remember that you are not required to include a mailing address with your entry (if you win, we’ll contact you) but if you do, you’re guaranteed to get something spooky and neat from us at the Local. 

Since we have thirty days to go, we’re going to leave you with a little tease for this Week’s Prize announcement. Next week, we’ll tell you what’s going into the OUT OF YOUR GOURD package but for this week, an addition to A PAIN IN THE NECK….

We’ve already announced that the grand prize winners will receive some spooky soap and either a DVD of ‘Perfect Creature,’ a neat New Zealand vampire movie or a CD of ‘Halloween Hootenanny,’ featuring original music by The Ghastly Ones, Deadbolt, Southern Culture on the Skids and more. 


Blood Gel, realistic and close to the genuine product without having to puncture a vein. The winner will be up to seventh heaven someplace else when they win this fine specimen of holiday horror Hollywood magic.

Fantastic! Keep your entries coming in!

OH – one more thing!

Since we believe in democracy, and perchance to encourage you to enter knowing that you had a hand in picking your prizes (and not your nose), we’re taking an informal poll. Follow us on twitter – @GdL16 – and by Sunday at Midnight EST, tweet at us with either “Neck for Art” or “Gourd for Limerick” or vice-ah-versa. Next Friday, we’ll announce the grand prize designations for each contest and another addition to the prize pile.

Keep it spooky!

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