2010 Contest Update

As you might have seen, we here at Gravediggers Local 16 recently announced our ‘2010 Gravediggers Local 16 Halloween Contest.’ You have until October 16th, 2010 to enter so there’s plenty of time! We’ve received our first entry already and we haven’t even announced all the prizes yet!

Each week, we’re going to announce a new addition to the prize packages. Since there are two contests, one for visual expression (i.e. ‘art’) and one for written expression (i.e. ‘limerick’) there will be two grand prize packages plus two runner up prizes as well.

This week, we figure we’d announce both prizes for the Grand Prize packages as well as for the Runner Up. Each contest will have one (1) grand prize winner and (1) runner up.



Recently, New Zealand suffered a 7.1(give or take) earthquake. Kind of crazy, how the world seems to be going through hell. We given our support to Hati, Pakistan and China – now is time to root for New Zealand. While we donate to disaster relief, let’s give some spiritual and spooky encouragement by giving away PERFECT CREATURE, listed as New Zealand’s First Vampire Movie. Sure, that claim comes from Wikipedia, reason enough to be dubious, but we’re willing to look past and say – go kiwis! 

One might say that the Lords of the Rings might have been better if we secretly imagined the hobbits as vampires, but we’ll leave that for the fan-fiction writers.

In addition to the grand prize, a copy of PERFECT CREATURE on DVD will be given to a runner up.



Honestly, outside of Pumpkinhead, the Pumpkin Karver and that Christina Ricci movie called ‘Pumpkin’, there’s not a lot of gourd themed horror out there. Sure, we could give you ‘Jack-O’ or ‘Jack o’Lantern’ on DVD, but we want to REWARD you, not punish (we kid. we kid.)

So, we’ve decided that the next prize should be….


One of the more favorite compilations of rockin’ tracks (that Strange Jason talked about here) features songs from Southern Culture on the Skids, Rocket from the Crypt, Deadbolt, The Amazing Royal Crowns, The Ghastly Ones and Rob Zombie. Perfect for any party where you want to rock out with your pumpkin out.

In addition, one runner up will get a copy of HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY as well.

Check the Contest Page. We’ve changed the rules regarding mailing addresses. Follow us on twitter and ask questions. We had a good one about mixed media, and how that applies. Collages are more than welcome. So long as you can take a good picture and send it to us, we’ll take it. Our only request is ‘no video,’ so if you want to collage, sculpt, make a diorama, etc. – knock yourself out!

Stay tuned to the site for more info, more great articles from the writers here and more prize announcements!

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