A Challenge!

Our Ghoul Jenn has thrown down a challenge!
Using our new wireless crystal ball – which has great reception – we were able to channel forth a spirit and get a call from beyond the grave! (about two miles beyond, because Our Ghoul Jenn was down at the coffee shop. She’s not dead. Just deadly.)
Being that tomorrow is officially 31 DAYS LEFT on the Gravediggers Local 2010 Halloween Contest, she has challenged each of you out there to out-limerick her:
Once, a hot ghoul named Jenn
got sick of all these monster men.
A sparkly vampire did appear
and said “Come here, my dear.”
Instead, she gouged his eyes out with a pen.
A good one! And a great update to the dating scene for today’s modern ghoul. THE CHALLENGE HAS BEEN THROWN DOWN. Are you man (or woman) enough to pick up? GO HERE

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