Tuesday uEtsy: Raise Your Fist

[Etsy.com’s tagline is “Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.” Coincidentally, there’s a lot of spooky on Etsy, and each Tuesday, we highlight one of the sellers. If you’re looking to spruce up your look, redecorate your tomb or get a gift for that special something in your afterlife, Etsy.com is a place for spooky econo.]

Raise Your Fist Inc (RaiseYourFist.etsy.com)

The adage ‘Youth is wasted on the young’ was a way to express how the energy, invincibility and overall attractiveness of those prime years are often saddled with minds lacking a good chunk of common sense and stable emotions. If you had the ability to function at the levels of 16-21 while maintaining the humility and patience of a 30+ year old, you’d be invincible. This is why Doc Killian gets contracted out every November by Mr. Fallingard.

It’s also why we’re glad to spotlight Raise Your Fist Inc. this week on Tuesday uEtsy. Because we don’t endorse any kind of ingestible substance to somehow facilitate an idea of youthful exurberence. But we do think you can supplement your mature life with some little patches of youth sewn on to rejuvinate you.

Unlike the medical experiements in age-regression that Mr. Fallingard has Doc Killian conduct, Raise Your Fist Inc. specializes in accessories to make any outfit spooky, radical or downright punk. Which is good, because sometimes you need a little excitement but your work  won’t allow anything over 1″. But if you’ve got a messenger bag, an old jacket or a pair of jeans you want to turn spooky, you can’t go wrong with a cloth patch from Raise Your Fist Inc.. Take a look at the famous monster of filmland above. Slap that on an old Dickies jacket and show someone some undead pride.

Or perhaps you want to demonstrate some feminism – being created by men for a man, rejecting your place and chosing your own fate – of the spooky kind. Or perhaps you dig the hairstyle of Elsa Lanchester?

What we like a lot about the patches offered by Raise Your Fist Inc. are some of their original designs. This zombie patch has a quiet sense of horror to it, with how the exposed jawbone just blends in to the profile shot. It’s a nice way to demonstrate how death will catch up with all of us, which is something that Mr. Fallingard has been denying ever since he retired from the freight shipping business. Poor Doc Killian runs in circles trying to come up with some kind of way to either prolong Fallingard’s life or turn him back into the 20-something of old.

Our Ghoul Jenn thinks these chrome skull earrings are “perfect for a first date, when a ghoul needs to show who is boss.”

She knows. Our Ghoul Jenn knows. She’s left more broken hearts than Van Hellsing on a good day so when you need to know what to wear on that first date, job interview or just going to the store to get the freshest produce, she’s got the low-down. And these are of many earrings available at Raise Your Fist Inc.. So when you want to hang something impressive from your ears, you know where to go. Raise Your Fist Inc. is your hook-up for what to wear to hook-up, snack down or rock out.

But as we mentioned before, sometimes you’re only allowed one inch of personal space to rebel. We don’t want you to lose your job, especially in this economy. That’s why Doc Killian goes to work for Mr. Fallingard every November, to secure enough money to help pay for his family’s needs for the entire year. Sometimes, we have to lie in wait before we can conquer the world.  If you’ve got an inch to spare, Raise Your Fist Inc. has a button set for you. Seven buttons for three bucks a pop – you cannot get a better deal anywhere else. Here you see their ‘Night of the Living Dead’ set but everything you could want – from anarchy to hand grenades to owls – is there. Sometimes, all you need in an button or an earring or a patch on a jacket to help remind you of who you really are, no matter how old or what job you’re doing to make sure the lights are on when you come home.

You’ll find Raise Your Fist Inc.’s Etsy store here, and you can check out their main site at Raise Your Fist Inc dot com. From there you’ll find their Ebay store, with items you may not see on their Etsy shop. Plus, a blog that they’re going to get back up and running soon. Check ’em out and see what you can see. We’ll keep an light on you for you when you come back next week for another Tuesday uEtsy.

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