October 11, 2010 archive

Head-Shrinking Made E-Z

This puts a new spin on the phrase "Deads Heads"

Although associated with African jungles and voodoo in American popular culture, shrunken heads are actually a product of select South American and Melanesian tribes. Most reference material on the matter focuses on the Jivaro, a collective term for the Shuar, Achuar, Huambisa and Aguaruna groups. The purpose of the shrunken heads is simple: When an …

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Zombie Pumpkins: The Interview!

2010 marks eight years of ZombiePumpkins.com bringing its collection of over 200 frightfully artful designs to your holiday decoration.  Patchmaster General Ryan Wickstrand, a freelance art design maestro, applied his craft to the holiday tradition of pumpkin carving and struck some orange gold. As people asked for his designs, he heeded the calling and started …

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