A bit early, but why not?

Though the American Thanksgiving is next month, I would like to take today to thank each and every one of the readers we’ve had in the past year. GdL16 keeps growing and we’re still not sure how this little experiment is going to turn out. Everyone’s continual support here, on the twitter feed and over at Facebook is truly appreciated.

Thanks go out to every single shop on Etsy that allowed GdL16 to run a Tuesday uEtsy. They’ll return in November but thank you for helping us grow the site by having some spooky content every Tuesday. It also allows the Front Office to tell more about the GdL16 world.

Many, many thanks go to each and ever artist that has let us review their spooky, tiki and plain awesome bit of work here on the site. It’s been incredible how warm a reception we’ve received to offer our humble opinions and insights on another person’s art.

And personally, I want to thank Weird Jon,┬áThe Abominable N. Oremac, Atomic Mystery Monster and the Front Office. I am lucky to write for this site but I’m even luckier to have these guys writing, offering fun and hilarious reads.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Go out and get some candy!

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