It Came from Amazon II

Keep Watching the Skies! American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties has an amazingly awesome cover. Can you name all of the characters depicted on it?

The cover of the Goodtimes home video DVD release of King Kong vs. Godzilla always makes me snicker. Why? Because they used images from a more modern Godzilla movie and the 70’s Kong remake to try to fool unwary consumers into thinking it was filmed more recently than it really was!

Back when Furbies first came out, my friends and I often joked about their resemblance to the Mogwai from Gremlins. It seems like someone at Hasbro had the same view on the matter…

Long before Freddy vs. Jason, there was the Jason vs. Leatherface comic book miniseries.

This offers an interesting look at Elvira’s appearances in video games (including a recent one). I think it’s somewhat ironic, given that the woman who plays Elvira, Cassandra Peterson, apparently invested in the failed Halcyon video game system.

Speaking of the Mistress of the Macabre, here’s the cover for the VHS release of Midnight, a movie made to cash in on Elvira’s massive…popularity.

This is the worst possible way to design a VHS cover for The Navy vs the Night Monsters.

This Terror of the Doll VHS baffles me. Is it a simple case of retitling or does the “From the film ‘Trilogy of Terror'” mean that this is really just a single segment of that film? If so, why would they expect anyone to buy such a short release?

Virtual Gutter is by far the weirdest relaxation DVD I’ve ever heard of.

Given the generic cover art, it’s easy to assume that this audio drama version of Night of the Living Dead is merely the film’s audio track slapped onto a CD by some sleazy bargain bin company. Instead, it’s an all-new, abridged version of the story starring the original cast and authorized by George Romero and John Russo.

This is lawsuit waiting to happen.

These “Ultraman salaryman” toys are the oddest pieces of Ultraman merchandise I’ve ever seen. Seeing a Dada head on a female body is disconcerting, to say the least. In contrast, this is the greatest Ultraman product ever produced.

Believe it or not, there actually was a novelization of Black Devil Doll.

Does anyone else remember the Gooflumps parody series that came out during the Goosebumps craze? It only lasted for two books and popular rumor at the time had it that R.L. Stine was secretly writing them. However, that turned out not to be the case. Fans left hanging by the lack of further installments presumably moved on to the Barf-O-Rama- series, which featured books like The Legend of Bigfart and Jurassic Fart.

I want this CD. Yesterday.

Amazon’s teaming up with the “content burned on demand” service Createspace has resulted in a flood of new companies starting up. Naturally, there ares tons of Halloween CDs and plenty of oddball stuff like: Halloween 101: Spooky Jewish Music, United States Of Halloween, Confederate Halloween, Irish Halloween Horror Songs, Spooky Halloween in the USA and Halloween Fart Explosion.

Oh yes, you read that last one right. Sadly, it’s not a one-off release. There are TONS of these things, all with the same use of “wacky” band names and bizarre cover art. Although I must admit that the cover of Frightening Farts For Halloween actually made me smile.

But that isn’t the weirdest thing about those CDs. Despite allegedly being from different companies, several listings use the exact same product description. What’s really going on here?

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