May 30, 2011 archive

More Vile Verses

I'm here because the real artwork for "The Goblin Market" didn't fit GdL16's standards. That, and because I'm so darn cute!

Since my last article about horror poetry turned out so well, I decided to revisit the subject. Wikisource has once again proven its usefulness to me thanks to its wealth of material. For example, I was able to find Christina Rossetti’s controversial “The Goblin Market,” James “B.V.” Thomson’s famous “The City of Dreadful Night,” Robert …

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Book Review: THAT’S NOT YOUR MOMMY ANYMORE by Matt Mogk & Aja Wells

That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore By Matt Mogk Illustrated by Aja Wells Available on Amazon I had to ask myself, “Would I buy this for Bethanista on her birthday?” Bethanista is a cool girl who likes zombies, fairies, dancing and ice cream. She’s also seven. When after her mother bought Plants v. Zombies, Bethanista interest …

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