Tuesday uEtsy: Zombie Toes

Tuesday uEtsy

Zombie Toes

SALE Private Party Zombie Silhouette original painting dark fantasy art zombies eating

Giving to the heat of the shifting seasons, May is falling away and with it, the end of 2011’s Zombie Awareness Month. Tomorrow, Rights and Equality for Animated People officer Nemi Lem will take down all the decorations. Though the month is over, her duties continue. Word is her fundraising was better than last, but such as it would be since last year was hard on us all.

What better way to send off the month than with some art? Thankfully, we have the wonderful Zombie Toes to send off may with their fine products.

Green Zombie Silhouette art print limited edition

It will be interesting to see where the zombie genre goes from here. We’re waiting for the zombie bubble to pop, for zombie critical mass to hit and the subsequent fall-out. There will always be room for new additions to the genre that probe the corners left explored. During those lengthy hours contemplating the significance of this idea of the dead coming back to life, you would be wise to have an artistic print like this Green Zombie Silhouette to inspire your thoughts.

Zombie Ink Blot 1 dark art Print psychology silhouette horror living dead

Though, do be careful not to get too caught up in it. You might end up with too much zombies on the mind. Everything thing that you see turns out to be zombie shaped. Sure, that might help if you’re caught in a survivalist scenario. Can’t be too jumpy, though. What is a zombie, what is a survivor? Can’t tell, can you? Not anymore. This print might help you figure things out – what’s a zombie, and what’s not? A good question to ask yourself, any time.

Zombie Portrait Sara living dead dark fantasy horror art print cemetery goth painting

Perhaps you need someone specific to focus your thoughts? Here, the Zombie Zara poses for a portrait. Perhaps you know her or someone who looks like her? Are you ready to defend yourself against her when she attacks? Is she your sister, an ex-girlfriend, your new wife you thought would meet you at the Courthouse with the rest of the group (like you said you would?) What did she do – did the rest leave her behind? What are you going to do now as she comes at you? Hesitation means death. Take this picture and look at it when you have the luxury of a moment for mourning.

Little Book of Zombie Limericks set volumes 1 through 3 original poems

Of course, not everything done by Zombie Toes is totally serious. Here you have their set of Little Books of Zombie Limericks. Sold individually or together as a set, you have a do-it-yourself publication of limericks about our undead shadows. Perhaps if they knew of our prior Halloween contest, Zombie Toes would have entered and swept the competition. Maybe you can get one up on next year’s competition by purchasing all three and getting to know your opponents?

Deathbox Necronomicon hand sculpted horror tin with two zombie magnets

Whenever you feel that twinge of hunger that brings you to the refrigerator, ponder the magnets that look at you. Consider the tin that brought them to your door, the one that resembles the skin of a human face. Ponder that which separates you from an undead creature. Is it the hunger? Is it the society you keep or the laws you obey? Do you pride your free will, your choices made; the thoughts you entertain and express? Ponder what little can be taken away before the beast matches your reflection. If it’s something simple as pigmentation and a pulse, you might consider switching from the pork loin to a nice, healthy salad.

Do check out Zombie Toes on Etsy, over at their official blog and at their Facebook page. Bid a fond farewell to this Zombie Awareness Month. And may you fondly find yourself back here for another Tuesday uEtsy.

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