Tuesday uEtsy: Janine Basil

Tuesday uEtsy

Janine Basil

Comic pew pew embroidered headband yellow and red

One of Gulko’s daughters recent visited a cousin out west and attended a Roller Derby. The cousin, whose name is Nah Trasha when she’s on the track, left an impression on the young Gulko girl. We hear that Gulko’s being pressured to build a flat racing track in the back. If we get a local WFTDA affiliate here, we suppose that Gulko’s youngest will be the first to apply.

“She wants to be called ‘Belle Morte,’” Gulko said. “She’s not even Italian! We’re Polish!

Belle, as we’ll call here, was last seen talking to Poinsettia about starting up a team.

“You don’t even have to change your name – That’s so cool!”

We’ll keep you informed if we here at the Local end up sponsoring their team. Maybe we’ll ask you for suggestions for team names – the Quiet Side Riot, maybe?

If we do end up sponsoring Belle’s endeavors, we might request that ever member of her team use Janine Basil’s products. If you are or aren’t a roller girl, you might find that this week’s Tuesday uEtsy spotlights products that will both be fashionable and useful.

Sugar skull headband Dia de los muertos, in green with red rhinestones

These headbands and hair fasteners allow for any person to hold back their hair in ways that look incredible. When we showed Bella this headband, she said “That would be perfect for this one girl I know – she can be Mia de Los Muertos!”

We commend Belle for her focus. Even if your name isn’t Mia, you can still don this for the upcoming holiday and be festive.

Green zombie brains headband accessory

Janine Basil’s products are also appropriate for this month’s Zombie Awareness campaign. Show your support across your brow by showing that deep inside your skull lies the green brain of a zombie, even if your body hasn’t taken that distinguishing hue just yet.

Creepy exposed brains headband

Or you could be a bit teasing with this normal colored brain. “Yes, I am made up of something that you, zombie, would find delicious. Nyah-Nyah.” Or it could be a show of solidarity that underneath all the glamor, we’re just food for someone else. Your choice.

We asked Bella if she had any idea if some of her potential teammates would wear that. She came up with the names “Rigor Morticia,” “Irene Gangrene” and “The Working Stiff” but doesn’t have anyone to fill out the roster just yet. Perhaps we should take applications for her?

Zombie embroidered headband, red and white

Of course, you can show support for zombies without advertising yourself as food with this embroidered headband.  We considered getting this for ourselves. Belle just laughed at us. Girls can be so cruel sometimes.

Tattoo inspired headband Flaming Dice

There are plenty of designs and fashions available at Janine Basil’s store. We’ve showcased only fasteners and headbands, but she has a selection of hats and other hairpieces of many flavors. The above flaming dice design is an example of such. Belle liked it and might get it for herself, if only she can get her father’s permission first.

You don’t have to get anyone’s permission – you can head on over to Janine’s store and buy whatever you want. And come back here next week to see what she showcase next on Tuesday uEtsy.



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