Tuesday uEtsy: The Koob Tube

Tuesday uEtsy

The Koob Tube

Forbidden Love 8X10 Print

Come this Thursday, we’re on the other side of summer. It’s a peak time when the sunlight lingers the longest and we start to look forward to the sliding temperatures while enjoying what days we have left before busting out the long sleeves.

Old Gus, not one for the warmer weather, has been sticking inside while the other three Quiet Side workers have managed the grounds. Thankfully, not too many new graves have been needed. We’ve been blessed, though the summer heat has required a lot of watering to keep the grounds looking decent for visitors.

Quiet Side has had a couple quarry men come by, talking with Stephen Berneau’s father who runs the Funeral Home about some replacement headstones. They’ll have to talk with Quiet Side’s Director but it’s usually take a month or so. Though it’ll be a while before it arrives, there’s already signs of people preparing for fall.

It might be a good time to consider your own preparation. Thankfully, there’s this week’s Tuesday uEtsy, with The Koob Tube.

Evil Trio 4X6 Postcard

Specializing in art, the Koob Tube is the work of Jeremy Coutuier, showcasing some of the best of pop and cult culture. Not only does he have prints, but he also has post cards available. Still need to write ‘WISH YOU WERE HERE’ to someone? Why not send a trio of the classic monsters of horror to liven up someone’s day.

Cthulhu Calling 8X10 Print

Payphones still exist. Everywhere. They’re not as old as the Old Ones but they’re still around. Thank goodness that they are, because there’s hardly any signal in R’yleh.

Mars Tango Original Illustration

Plenty of satellite service on Mars, though. It’s not known but the red planet is considered one of the most romantic in the solar system. Neptune is too frigid and Venus, like its name, comes on way too hot and heavy. So when considering intergalactic dating, think of Mars.

The Thing in the Moonlight 8X10 Print

If getting a call from C’thulu wasn’t enough, there’s this Lovecraftian print featuring a fretful trolley man ferrying something frightful towards…Fresno? Who knows. Do you? If so, buy it and display it.

F is for Femme Fatales 4X6 Postcard

If monsters and mars aren’t your thing, the Koob Tube offers this noir-post card that can fill your friends or family mailbox with some Mike Hammereque intrigue. Or perhaps, you know someone who enjoys having a dame filter in between the cable bills and Trader Joe magazines.

Find more work of art available at The Koob Tube’s official Etsy store. Purchase and decorate and enjoy the summer!



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