Funding Leslie Vernon

The 2006 movie Behind The Mask was an ambitious movie that tried to revitalize the slasher genre by incorporating the meta commentary/elements into the movie itself. The premise involves a camera crew trailing a murderer named Leslie Vernon, offering analysis on the general tropes of the 80’s slasher format as well as the specific character elements of this movie.  

It’s a bold piece of work that tries to hotshot the next great American monster, though I don’t know if the genre is ready for a boogeyman named “Leslie Vernon.” As a film, it’s enjoyable. The mockumentary format goes for the majority of the film, with the last act turning cinematic. It’s a movie that set some lofty goals and we might commend it for having the chutzpah to shoot as high as it did, even though some of its efforts might have fallen flat.  

There’s always promise for a sequel, no matter what corner you write yourself into. Thanks to Dread Central for pointing it out that the “sequel/remake/revisioning” “Before The Mask” is looking for financial backing. The filmmakers have decided to crowdsource the funding. Much like a pledge drive (and like various sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo) different donation levels get you different reward packages. The basic level pre-orders a copy of the DVD, even though the movie hasn’t been made yet. It’s an interesting concept that allows for more creative projects to get produced. If you’re interested at looking to see how you can monetarily support this project, head over to the Facebook page.  

Is this the future of low-budget movies? Will the independent horror genre rely more on its audience to see the products get made? Is this a new avenue or a fad to be burnt out? Your comments are welcomed.

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