Costume Crazyness 2011

I’ve been doing this for the last three years and the amount of knock-offs and bizarre costumes has yet to diminish.

It never ceases to amaze me just how many variations there are of the Scream mask, both knock-off and licensed. Seriously, look at all of the freaking knockoffs I found this year. The (what I assume to be) licensed stuff is just as odd. We have a Bobblehead variant of the costume, a women’s masquerade ball-style costume, a scarecrow version and even a “zombie” version! The “Zombie” name seems to be due to how it looks similar to the redesigned Michael Myers mask in Rob Zombie’s take on Halloween.

For some odd reason, this Ghost Rider knock-off mask envisions the character as a metallic being, calling to mind Ghost Rider 2099 and the Doom novels’ mechanical interpretation of lost souls. On the other hand, the licensed Ghost Rider costume has an awful-looking mask that, with a few minor modifications, could easily pass for a Sweet Tooth mask.

I don’t know what’s worse: the Jersey Shore knock-offs or the licensed products.

Please tell me this MC Hammer knock-off is a leftover from the early 90’s. The thought of it being a recent design is just to depressing.

I was going to comment on how some might justify the existence of a “Cuban Bandleader” due to the lack of a licensed Ricky Ricardo costume, but then I found this. Quite frankly, the existence of either costume boggles my mind.

Oh no, this “Dunker” mask isn’t supposed to be Shaq. No sir!

I am the [Bail Enforcer], the big bad [Bail Enforcer]…

It’s interesting how they makers of this Bride of Frankenstein knock-off costume seem to have tried disguising the Frankenstein connection by using a monster that bares little resemblance to the Frankenstein monster as the groom.

Isn’t neat how changing a single color on a sweater makes it completely different from Freddy Krueger’s sweater? Yeah, I’m not buying it either.

Oh look, a Creature from the Black Lagoon wannabe. This is getting very boring very fast, so let’s focus on licensed stuff now.

I’m still amazed that there’s a line of licensed Charlie Sheen Halloween costume accessories. Now that’s winning, just like mistaking a Japanese horror movie for a snuff film.

You have got to be kidding me.

Since when did xenomorphs have such huge cheeks?

I love this Venus fly trap costume, especially the fly on the costume’s tongue.

This Pac-Man ghost costume is more of a dress than a costume, but this one rules.

While this Sonic the Hedgehog costume is fine, the painted eyes on the kid modeling it creep me out.

This Dora the Explorer costume isn’t so much a costume as it is a set of clothes with a cheap backpack.

Why bother making a steampunk mad scientist costume if you go out of your way to avoid using the term on its packaging?

I like how the makers of this “Sea Creature Shirt” went the extra mile of having the person modeling it stand in a pond.

This womens’ Cookie Monster costume is depressing, as it looks like he was killed and skinned in order to make a special dress.


Why bother making a Spider-Man costume if you’re going to alter the mask design?

Similarly, why make a Spider-Man costume for a dog? It just doesn’t work (as does any costume requiring a mask would). This style of pet costume is somewhat better in concept, although incredibly creepy looking. If you really must humiliate your pet by dressing it up, try something like this. Oh, and since when did they start making costumes for ferrets?

This is the mangiest werewolf costume I’ve ever seen. You’d be better off wearing regular clothes and this werewolf ski mask instead.

And the award for most bizarre costume idea goes to “Ghost Ship!”

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