2011: End of the Year







The Year 2011 brought us a wide collection of great music from many genres of horror music. It would be pretentious of us here at GdL16 to think that we could pick THE BEST ALBUM OF 2011. And as science has proved, BEST OF lists are for suckers and shitty music blogs. This isn’t a BEST of List, but just part of a collection of FIFTY RELEASES OF 2011 for you to check out. These are in no particular order of importance. Each of them deserves your attention as much as the other. To make it a challenge, we’ll sum up the album in 31 (20+11=31) words.



The Pine Box Boys, Tales From The Emancipated Head
An incredible release from the bloodgrass group that is less ‘concept’ album, more ‘album of evil, devious concepts’ that should appeal to fans of western, twang, roots rock and evil music.


The Slow Poisoner, Lost Hills
One man spins a yarn about the rise and fall of his soul amidst the titular Lost Hills in melodic tunes that might lead you astray if you weren’t already doomed.



Deabolt, Buy A Gun, Get A Free Guitar
A reinventing of the band after the departure of a founding member, this album reworks the previous release, reminding us why they earned the title of “scariest band in the world.”



Forbidden Dimension, The Golden Age of Lasers
This here is pure hard horror rock that offers up fourteen ways to exorcise that inherent wickedness born into your bones in methods what has you properly rocking the fuck out.



The VooDuo, The Rock And Roll Creatures That Died And Became Incredibly Mixed Up Zombies
Since you’re going to need something to listen to while everything you ever knew and loved burns to cinders and crashes down around your foolish head, here is an ideal suggestion.



Swamp Angel, Rule .303
A rebirth in blood and twang of a former Deadbolt member, whose surf and spooky sound establishes the distinctive voice howling among the wind in the cold of a cloudless night.



Zombie!, The Infection
ZOMBIE!, a multi-media entity known for art and merchandise, finally releases its full length assault on the general public, leaving a growing number of shambling, groaning casualties in the wake.



Bad Whoremoans, Say What Again
Reissues and remastered, this recently resurrected, largely unseen, second album from Bad Whoremoans is the well needed and long deserved shotgun blast in the stagnant, zombified brain of rock and roll.



The Dagons, Upon the Dull Earth
Dreamy rock blends reverb and absinthe, capturing the Lovecraft ethos without a single mention of a Great Old One, proving that the spirit is alive even if the body is dead.



Ursula 1000, Mondo Beyondo
The alter-ego of Alex Gimeono summons another collection of spooky miasma whose voodoo gets your hair to turn green, your blood to taste like bourbon and your skull to nod along.



If we’ve missed out on your favorite album, you have 31 words to sum it up in the comments. Who knows? Maybe we’ll pick the best one out and send you something.


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