February 23, 2012 archive

GRUL666 Multi-Purpose Putrescence

  The psychobilly pompadour is a distinct hairstyle, rising from the swamps of the punk rock Mohawk/Mohican to mate with the undead bride of the 1950’s greaser curl to produce an iconic look with variation. Usually the forward spike that defies gravity and, depending on how dedicated the psycho cat it, it could be anywhere …

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A Handful of Dirt: Belle Dee of Doo Wacka Doodles

A Handful of Dirt asks a person five questions they wouldn’t normally expect or receive in any other credible interview. In consulting the Serendipiter Bag o’InquiryTM, we pose a series of questions to come up with a bit of knowledge unknown before – a handful of dirt.       Distinct and vivid as if …

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