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OOAK Bib Necklace–Made With Recycled Hardware, Bullet Brass, and Reclaimed Watch Gears

One of Leathbridge’s romantic moments happened two nights ago. In the historic recording of Amorous Occurrences, a ledger kept by Hector in the mind that isn’t condemned to speak in limericks as a primary method in relating to the world, the event of fifty-four hours passed surpassed Wil Davis’s spontaneous composition and performance of a thirteen minute soliloquy, with acoustic guitar accompaniment, that overcame a divide of three weeks between him and Ms. Vanessa Black.

While a young man playing a guitar isn’t normally romantic (in fact, it’s downright cliché) it was the fact that two people, completely separate organisms of individual thought processes and isolated methods of understanding and interacting with the world had twelve seconds of complete, total understanding—it happened during 9:33-9:45 of the song—made the event noteworthy. Somehow, the longing of two foolishly dumb animals, commonly known as human beings, punctured the barrier that such a thing as language was just so specifically invented to do. They were successful in understanding everything about the other, even if it was for twelve seconds. Odds are, that’s twelve seconds more than what you’ve had, what WE’VE had.

It’s this appreciation for a greater sense of understanding, for the nature of art, that we bring the spotlight on Urhammer Arts for this week’s Tuesday uEtsy spotlight. There’s a stronger commitment to creating objects that act as tools in understanding another person, elegant objects that are totems towards conquering those mystic demons of confusion, of distrust and ignorance.

Elegant Circle Necklace

There’s a philosophical theory that states because there’s a need for language, that we are incapable of understanding each other. Because we do not possess complete empathy, we need to invent a system to convey what we think and feel. Ergo, that moment when Wil tried like a clumsy Neanderthal beating away the dark and somehow sparking fire, he fought against the threat of a crumbling relationship with all he could reach for. And twelve seconds later, he and Vanessa were left changed. Gone, for a mere sliver of a minute, were two individuals. There wasn’t a spot where one ended and the other began. In similar spirit, this elegant circle necklace exists without a start or a stop. It, just like that moment, exists without any kind of perception of time.

Those twelve seconds went by without either party speaking. The chords that Wil strummed were recorded but are kept confidential in Hector’s mind. If the man ever learns how to play guitar, he might be able to reproduce those notes but until then, they remain locked away.

Bat Pendant Necklace–Solid Brass

Hector’s own love life has been one of struggle. His stroke, not initially caused by the mixture of three types of jerky into one sandwich, but a blood clot that could have been fatal. The speech therapy that followed did procure his unusual predicament of speaking in limerick. It’s a comfort thing. He can speak straight, though labored and it’s very painful for him. He struggles with it the most when speaking with his wife, who hasn’t left him, but the frustration in Cindy’s face has been apparent since the day after Hector’s surgery. Part of her fluttered away when she realized that there was a lengthy and arduous road ahead of her if she chose to stay with her husband. As not many can imagine the sound of that part of her that lifted off her shoulders and past her eyes, its small body growing smaller as she watched it soar away.

Bullet Earrings–Ladies Look DANGEROUS

Even with that miracle of understanding, the event with Wil and Vanessa was only third in the descending order of ‘Romantic Qualities.’ The quantitative details, though verified though the years, remain as secretive as the notes of Wil’s guitar. Only Hector knows why the event of two nights ago bumped Wil and Vanessa down to no.4 from no.3.

We only know of what constitutes the entries in the no.2 and newly no.3 spots. What has been established as the most romantic moment of our sleepy hollow’s existence has to be kept from the public, in fear of foolhardy reenactments that might lead to more harm than good. Romance is dangerous, very similar to the efforts behind these bullet earrings. Can bullets mean peace and romance? Doubt it. Instead, someone wearing these demonstrate that they are not, in layman’s terms, are to be messed with.

EYE earrings–Delicate Vintage Findings Recycled Jewelry

However, the EYE earrings of above, as admitted by the folks behind Urhammer Arts, are of a more vague nature. It’s not clear what message they convey and it’s in this ambiguity that they thrive. It allows for the individual to adapt them to their own specific message. To others, this presents a puzzle, a quandary to decipher. This might complicate life but we’re a complicated, if not dumb, species. We’ve arisen from the mire and muck, either from the primordial goop or the primitive garden of antiquity, because we are programmed to be complicated. If humans were meant to be simple, they’d be butterflies.

Art Deco Moth Necklace

Or moths.

All animals are complex in design. Keep that in mind. You are complex and you are an animal. Celebrate your limitless and limited duality with this necklace that celebrates the nature of art and the art in nature.

You can discover the rest of Urhammer Arts at their Etsy page. Follow them on twitter . Come back here next week for more mysteries we might or might not tell you about in between the pages of another Tuesday uEtsy.

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