Tuesday uEtsy: AngelQ Expressions

Tuesday uEtsy[For those who are searching for unique horror items, one can’t beat Etsy.com. Each Tuesday, Gravedigger’s Local 16 aims to highlight one seller. If you’re looking to spruce up your look, redecorate your sanctorum or get a gift for that special something in your life, Etsy.com is your place for spooky econo.]

AngelQ Expressions

Voodoo Hoodoo…Chicken Feet, Graveyard Dirt, and Baron Samedi

Seems the weather is turning strange, with parts of the world getting tornadoes and snowstorms while OTHER parts will report temperatures in the Early Summer region of the thermometer. Maybe the world IS ending this year?

If so, you better pick up some AngelQ Expressions while your money is worth something. There’s plenty of survival equipment being made and food being processed, canned and stored. But you’re going to need some identifiable item so that when the survivors come upon your encampment, they know you’re friend (or foe.) Or, if this world continues, you’ll want to live it up looking fashionable, won’t you?

Either way, don’t risk it. Buy.

SALE The Great Old One Cometh Cthulhu with Obsidian and Hematite OOAK

Cephalopod capture the fluid motion of a snake and multiplies it, adding in the viscous texture of a mucus covered skin, or a body that has lived under water since the dawn of time. These are creatures that exist at a peak under the water (and some of them can walk on land!) These are creatures so far removed from ourselves. Deep ones. Evil things. And you can demonstrate your fealty with this necklace.

 Black Widow in Obsidian OOAK

Alice Cooper turned 64 this year. Consider, he had to change his name from Vincent Furnier to a rock villain named Alice in order to be comfortable in his own skin. Granted, there was severe alcoholism and even more golf, but it’s nice to know that outlandish methods can somehow bring a man peace. This is all mentioned because his song “Black Widow” off of the legendary album, ‘Welcome To My Nightmare.’ What a great album.

On the Chopping Block…The Slasher Horror Films Defined

The appeal of the butcher knife is that it’s a weighted item. It’s a cooking axe, a cleaver, a thick chunk of steel that will just sever one piece from another. It’s almost magic at how easy a sharpened blade can slice through anything when wielded by a skilled hand. This is intimidating. And you can be intimidating when you wear these earrings. Demonstrate a knowledge and respect for this tool or at least, scare the hell out of your bartender.

 Deadly Red

A procession of skulls follows a set of vampire teeth, interspersed by blood red beats to create an elegant concept of death and rebirth in this single piece. A charm bracelet to wear around the wrist; reach and go about your day, allowing people to catch a glimpse and know that death is always near at hand. Or have something pretty to look at as you jangle.

Ruby the Demon Defined

A little bit of fan-art for you followers of a certain supernatural television series, who will identify the nature of the dagger, the red vial of “blood” and french-fries made into a three-dimensional, wearable jewelry. Demons and CW fans will be your friends. And you need as many friends in this world as you can get.

You can find AngelQ Expressions across the Internet – find them on Facebook, over at DeviantART, on Twitter and even on Tumblr! You can find the main promo website over at angelqexpressions.weebly.com. Check up and get acquainted and when you’re all settled, return here next week for another edition of Tuesday uEtsy.


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