Tuesday uEtsy: Bread and Badger

Tuesday uEtsy[For those who are searching for unique horror items, one can’t beat Etsy.com. Each Tuesday, Gravedigger’s Local 16 aims to highlight one seller. If you’re looking to spruce up your look, redecorate your sanctorum or get a gift for that special something in your life, Etsy.com is your place for spooky econo.]


2 Jolly Roger Skull – Etched Lowball Glasses

Humphrey has become a charmer since Loretta, accompanying Bernie as he’s come around to do some work in Quiet Side, has brought her new child while their eldest, Poinsettia, is off in school. Young Gus has taken to the newest member of the Freakshow family. It’s enjoyable to see them interact, to see Gus try to get a laugh out of the seventh month old and how the older man smiles brightly when the young baby bursts out laughing.

Poinsettia and her friend, Bella Muerte – “It’s ‘Bea,’ for short,” Ponsettia instructed us last we saw her – have been coming up to Quiet Side after school. Poinsettia greets her little brother enthusiastically, calling him “Lumpy Humpy.”

In a time when optimism and joy is in short supply, seeing a family with such love and comfort is reassuring to a point that we might have hope for the future. It’s a little bit of hope in the face of growing evidence to the contrary. We can only maintain and take what little bit of joy we can get.

It’s a sad state when sunny weather is a precursor to doom instead of barbecue. The weather will be May-levels, two months too early. We remain cautious. Still, it’s time to get the cookwear out, especially for upcoming Local events at Union Hall. To replace some of the glasses that broke during the winter storage, we will head to Bread and Badger. Specializing in etched glass, Bread and Badger’s products are higher in price than one might expect. But it’s their quality that means you will get what you pay for – an exceptionally good piece of glassware.


4 Robot Pint Glasses – Etched Glass

“Robots Need Gas For Fuel,” read a piece of graffiti sprawled over one of the outer overpasses in Leathbridge. Someone’s inside joke comes out here in this four-set of pint glasses with BreadandBadger’s original design. With the designs sandblasted on the glass, it produces an interesting effect that complements the glass as well as what you’re drinking. If you drink beer or soda or just water, it’ll look handsome in this glass. You don’t even have to be a robot.


1 Zombie Apocalypse Etched Pint Glass

You could be a zombie. We don’t really now. It’s a possibility that zombies are now capable of purchasing from Etsy. We don’t know, nor do we hold any prejudice. If you’ve risen from the grave and you’ve somehow managed to carve out a spot in this world, where you’re now able to order custom pint glasses from the internet – good for you. You’ve done it. You’re living the dream. And, if you’re ordering this etched pint glass, you have good taste.

1 Blue Octopus Highball Tumbler – Hand Blown Recycled Glass

Bread and Badger aren’t limited to just pin glasses. They offer a wide variety of products, for the adult and child in your life (perhaps they’re the same thing?) They have juice glasses, lowball glasses, whisky cordial glasses and highball tumblers. And if you’re throwing back a highball with the devil, make sure to include a picture of an octopus on the glass. Why? If you have to ask, you’ll never know.

 1 Guitar Rocks Glass – etched acoustic electric guitar

From the depths of a Gibson hollowbody electric came rock and roll. From there, the sounds of Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and joined the charge of Little Richard and Elvis to change the world. If there is anything worth raising your glass, this guitar and this music might be it.

 1 Anatomical Heart Tumbler – Hand Blown – Clear Glass

Of course, drink responsibility. Or not at all. Glasses, much like life, are what you put in them. So if you feel the urge t make your own soda or to drink milk until the end of time or just do water or spiked bubble tea, do it. Buy your glass from Bread and Badger and fill it with whatever you like.

Find them on Etsy here. They are also on Facebook and Twitter. Buy a picture, fill it with your beverage of choice and tweet a picture to them. Tell them that we sent you and be sure to return back here next week for another Tuesday uEtsy.

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