Farewell, Zombie Awareness Month

Although I think our selection of zombie-related posts was wider than last year’s offers, I must admit that our grand total of zombie-related content was not quite as large as I had hoped. Granted, many of us were very busy this month, but I still felt kind of bad about it. So I thought make like Atomic Mystery Monster and close things out with two zombie-themed videos. Our first selection should be familiar to anyone who stuck around after the end credits of the VHS release of Return of the Living Dead Part II, thanks to a Youtube user by the name of NostalgiaVision:

Ah, memories. I recall a similar ad at the end of Surf Nazi Must Die. Sadly, Movie Tees seems to no longer be in business, so you’ll have to hit ebay if you want one of those sweet shirts.

You might remember Zombie! from their appearances on our podcast and our most recent Valentine’s Day post. In this video from KillerKungPhoo, the song “Meet Me in the Graveyard” is coupled with a lengthy photo montage of female fans in zombie makeup to form what I think is the perfect way to close out Zombie Awareness Month 2012:

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