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Tuesday uEtsy[For those who are searching for unique horror items, one can’t beat Etsy.com. Each Tuesday, Gravedigger’s Local 16 aims to highlight one seller. If you’re looking to spruce up your look, redecorate your sanctorum or get a gift for that special something in your life, Etsy.com is your place for spooky econo.]

Szeya Designs

Saw Earrings – creepy jewelry horror scary freaky handsaw jigsaw murder tool quirky

How far do you think you’ll have to go to be happy? Some people go half-way ‘round the world.

“Brazil has a lot of good music,” says Strange Jason. “That might be a nice place to go. Someplace isolated.”
“Too many snakes in Brazil,” Gus says, reminding Strange Jason of his fear. “You’d never be able to handle it.”

“Plus, the poverty divide is horrible,” says Strange Jason. “How far does one go to escape everything rotten in the world?”

Milton penned the following lines from Paradise Lost, spoken by Satan. “Me miserable! Which way shall I fly. Infinite wrath and infinite despair? Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell;” When you are yourself a hell, a person who is never in step with the world, it’s hell to find a way to fit in, to accept your surroundings, to be happy.

It’s highly unlikely that you will be completely at peace with yourself or the world. If you’re reading this site, it’s clear that you have a demented streak that keeps you at odds with the rest of reality. That’s fine. We have the same streak and welcome you. We also encourage you to check out Szeya Designs, a collection of small, inexpensive, quality jewelry. You can find yourself in an inch or two, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Vampire Fangs Earrings – quirky jewelry geek chic jewellery silver plated for twilight true blood the

When dangling things down near your neck, you definitely can’t go wrong with vampire teeth. You’ll notice the detail and precision in the jewelry here, detail and skill present throughout all of the products available with Szeya designs. The pieces you’ll see for sale are classy and can be worn all year long.

Skull Necklace – skull head necklace evil funky jewellery rockabilly punk rock unisex

It’s hard to find a good conversation these days. Texting, tweeting and other truncated communication methods are fine but sometimes, you need to just vocalize the thoughts between your ears. Sometimes, you have more than one thoughts – and possibly, more than one voices. Give one of those chattering personalities in your cerebellum a skull of its own with this necklace.

Shovel Earrings – funky jewellery scary horror creepy jewelry grave corpse crazy rockabilly geeky

If we need to explain why we think these are rad, there is no hope for you.

Grenade Bracelet or Anklet – geek chic jewelry rockabilly jewellery bomb charm cuff bangle vintage

With the warmer weather, people are showing off their legs. Sometimes, they’re attached to their bodies. These legs need to be decorated and what better way than with anklet jewelry displaying frag grenades. Why not? Seems fitting. Why so, we can’t tell you.

Jack O Lantern Earrings – funny jewellery quirky jewelry pumpkin head ghost fun rockabilly

If saws, teeth, grenades or shovels aren’t your speed, there is always the Jack O Lantern. Very approachable, very friendly, very pumpkin shaped.

The wares here will help you get a little more happier with your self, if just a little bit at a time. But that’s more than what you had when you started.  Buy all these over at Szeya Designs store. When you’re done getting happy, come back here for next week’s Tuesday uEtsy.

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