It’s Audio Month!

It’s no secret, I’ve love audio dramas. As long time readers of the site know, I’ve reviewed a LOT of audio dramas (and audio books) over the past few years. Judging from the Gravedigger’s Local 16 analytics page, many of you share my passion. In honor of this, I’ve decided to devote myself entirely to reviews of both audio dramas and audio books this month.

If you don’t care for this sort of thing, don’t fret. Strange Jason and company have other types of articles planned for the month. In fact, as of this review, all future music reviews on Gravedigger’s Local 16 should include a streaming sample track! It’s not the same type of “audio” I’ll be focusing on, but I doubt people will complain about free music. In the meantime, please enjoy the following compilation of my past reviews and free audio download collections:

The Slide
Ghostly Tales
Special Order
Spine Chillers
The Price of Fear
Fear For Your Ears
Great Classic Horror
Appointment With Fear
Great Classic Suspense
More Fear For Your Ears
Batman: The Stone King
Great Classic Ghost Stories
The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome
Vincent Price Presents: Volume 1
H.P. Lovecraft Radio Hour Volume 1

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  1. Glad you enjoy audio dramas so much. Here’s a brand new audio drama that was just released today!
    Listen to the first episode at

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