R.I.P. X-Entertainment.com (2000-2012)





In the first time in close to a year, I visited X-Entertainment today to read the sad news that the site has been dead for months now. This is a sad (albeit late) moment.

Both Weird Jon and I have been long-time fans of the site X-Entertainment.com (referred to as X-E from here on). ┬áIt might be said that its Halloween Countdown was the inspiration for our own, and that it’s poignant commentary and humor that celebrated all things that we value here at GdL16 might have been a big influence on us years before we even bothered to sign up for a blogger account.

It was the recent sign-up for the 2012 Halloween Countdown that brought me back to see the recent posts by Matt about how X-E has been retired. He started last year’s countdown in September and I wanted to see if he was doing the same. Alas, the poor boy decided to put the site into the garage for good. After being associated with Ugo.com, going out on its own and providing over a decade’s worth of humor, Matt (founder and writer of X-E) has decided to rebrand himself with the new website, DinosaurDracula.com. He seems to be updating more frequently.

X-E isn’t going down. It’ll still be up so the articles and archives will remain available. Plus, why have someone squat on the domain and take a lucrative brand that Matt has spent so much time building up? But for new content, head over to DinosaurDracula.com.



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  1. While neither have ever admitted it, without X-Entertainment, there is no Angry Video Game Nerd OR the Nostalgia Critic.

    • frankie ninja smales on July 21, 2015 at 3:11 pm
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    ah yes the grand old days where you can relive your past online by going to vintage archive
    sites where you can watch your fave childhood commercials and everything grand about them
    before the sites gone shit due to the mass boom of YouTube and third party bullshit ruined everything
    that these sites stood for but I miss x-entertainment it was great as they say everything comes to an end
    such as life .



  1. […] started when he wanted to rebrand his efforts. It’s no surprise that we’re fans of DD here at GdL16, since Matt’s been one of the kings of celebrating the obscure pop culture […]

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