Out of September and into October

September has been a quiet month. Both W.Jon and I have been busy outside of the website, as well as preparing for 2012’s Halloween season. 6ftplus is busy. We’re going to have some decent content for you once October 1st rolls around.

The site’s due for an update. We use WordPress here at GdL16 and probably will stick with it. Tumblr is more for sharing artwork. If I can find a decent theme to mess around with and incorporate the best of both, that should work fine. I need to resync this site with gravediggerslocal.tumblr.com. There have been problems for the last month or so.

The layout isn’t so bad but the background’s going away. It’s time. This will all happen after the Holiday season, when we’re all so sick of it.

Until then, get excited.

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