6’+ Episode 42 (The 2012 Halloween Special) Is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing:

“Taking place in the town of Leathbridge, this episode of 6’+ centers around the GdL16 crew as they prepare for the festivities of the Gravedigger’s Local 16 Halloween Party at Union Hall.  The Intern is determined to generate a local Halloween legend, since there isn’t one specific to Leathbridge. Strange Jason just wants the party to go without a hitch, which doesn’t seem likely when foreboding notes reading IT IS COMING start to pop up everywhere. What do they mean and will everyone get out alive to see another Halloween?”

GdL16 Productions Presents: The 6ftplus 2012 Halloween Special. With Atomic Mystery Monster, Dr. Gangrene, Monstermatt Patterson, Igor, Weird Jon, Strange Jason and the GdL16 Intern.

Featuring Sarah and David of High Fructose Zombies; Dr. Brandi Sexyvoice and Evil Dave of The Inside Outcast; Miguel Rodriguez, Beth Accomando and Ramie Tateishi of Monster Island Resort; Nate, Undead Elvis, Sherlock Foxxx and Teabag of The Psychobilly Garden Party; and a cameo appearance by Tomb Dragomir.

Featuring the music of The Jimmy Psycho Experiment.

You can find all episodes of 6′+ over at the official site as well as on iTunes and Stitcher . We’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

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