Even More Ghoulish Goodies

A spook-tacular meal

Does the above picture interest you? It’s a “Halloween Salad” and you can make your own using the directions found here. Alternately, The International Confectioner has recipes for a fruit-based “Halloween Salad” and “Pumpkin Nut Pie.”

Despite the name Home Needlework Magazine, actually has a lot of recipes in it, like “Apple Jelly” and “Devil’s Cake.”

For those who want to eat more than just fruits and vegetables, the time and space blog has a two part article about making a “Meat Head” centerpiece. It’s easily the most unique way to serve cold cuts that you’ve ever seen. Similarly, I Make Projects has a great how-to guide for making a cannibal-themed supper.

You might be surprised to learn that Facebook is a great place to find spooky recipes. In addition to the “Halloween is Yummly” page, I also found recipes for “Squirmy Jelly Worms” and “Snake Bites.”

Speaking of surprise recipe resources, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has recipes for tasty treats like “Mini Jack-O-Lantern Brunch Custards” and “Deep Fried Pumpkin Brains” while the US Department of Agriculture has recipes for both breakfast pumpkin cookies and pancakes.

In addition to all their great Halloween prop tutorials, Wolfstone’s Haunted Halloween Site also has recipes for “Gnarled Finger Pretzels” and “Ginger Bats.”

The Google Books preview for Better Homes & Gardens’ Halloween Tricks and Treats is loaded with recipes for goodies like “Scaredy-Cat Ice Cream Cake” “Witch’s Hat Calzones,” “Scary Skulls” and much more!

Once available all year, Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry cereals can now only be found during the Halloween season. One of my favorite simple recipes is to sprinkle your favorite monster cereal of choice over a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

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