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Unintentionally Appropriate Halloween Songs (p.2)

When you’re making a Halloween playlist and you want to do something a little off-the-beaten-path, you can’t go wrong with Q Lazzarus’ “Goodbye Horses” (AKA The Buffalo Bill Song from Silence of the Lambs). This song is horrifying in that movie and perfect to play when you want to send those people who KNOW what …

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Flying Crank Ghosts

The Flying Crank Ghost is one of the most effective props you can have at a haunted attraction. It not only looks incredible, but it also has an air of mystery as to how it’s accomplished. You can tell that it’s great just from the picture above, but even that can’t do it justice. Let’s …

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Chuck Palahniuk, DAMNED

“When you’re descended from a thousand years of suffering, you tend to see the absurd humor in even the grimmest situations.” Perhaps this quote from a Fangoria interview with author Chuck Palahniuk should preface every novel of his, as a way to explain what the reader is about to discover. One of the things I …

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Back when Strange Jason and I were gearing up for the first Halloween countdown, he showed me an amazing Halloween display video. In it, an elaborate spooky animation display was projected onto the front windows of a house. It was incredible and mere words couldn’t do it justice. Sadly, I lost the link in the …

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Touch and Feel Haunt Ideas

In two of my reviews for last year’s “Music to Haunt By” series, I briefly discussed ways to use certain tracks in variations of the old “touch and feel haunted house” setup. Maybe it’s just me, but I think this sort of haunt is a dying art. While it was once the main method discussed …

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6’+ Episode 41 is up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “The annual atmospheric episode brings fear to those senses you didn’t know you had. With plenty of spooky sounds and creepy music to make even the warmest of homes look like a haunted house. Monstermatt Patterson might be the Hatbox Ghost in this mansion of ours, with his Monstermatt …

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Even More Fear For Your Ears

Since the last two installments were so popular, I’ve decided to yet again dip into my collection of free audio drama/audio book links: Wikisource has lots of great classic chillers available, like “Christabel,” “The Damned Thing,” “The Picture in the House” and “The Judge’s House.” I know what you’re thinking. “Hey Weird Jon, those Wikisource …

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Unintentionally Appropriate Halloween Song

Today’s UAHS is “Kandy Korn” by the late Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, off of the Strictly Personal release. Despite being a near-life long Zappa fan, I’m not that much into Beefheart. He’s far more avant-garde than Zappa and some of his more discordant songs are straight up hard to listen to. However, this song is more psychadelic …

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How to Stage a Séance

“Séance” is a French word meaning “session,” “seating” or “meeting” (depending on your translation), but its most commonly understood meaning is a gathering with the intent to communicate with the dead. Whether or not you believe such things are possible, I think everyone here can agree that a theatrical séance is a great way to …

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Even More Tricks and Treats

Looking for some Halloween projects to keep you (or any little ones in your care) busy? Look no further than this vintage article, which has plenty of spooky crafts (including the above-pictured Halloween creature). Do you want something more advanced? Then try building a coffin from a single sheet of plywood, dirty rat or a …

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Checking On The Mainstream

or Strange Jason Goes to NYComicCon 2012 I went to the 2012 New York Comic Con and came home with a third hand. ‘Half-way’ would be the way I would best describe how I threw myself into NYCC. Out of the three days available for me and my companion, The 13th Doctor, we visited twice. …

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Still More Creepy Cocktails

Mymi Doinet’s The Halloween Activity Book has a great recipe for “Blood Cocktails.” Similarly, Better Homes & Gardens’ Halloween Tricks and Treats has a recipe for “Spooky Smoothies” (complete with some tasty eyeball decor for said smoothies). In the mood for punch? Then Apron String’s “Spider Punch” and Good Housekeeping‘s “Cauldron Punch” should be right …

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Even More Ghoulish Goodies

Does the above picture interest you? It’s a “Halloween Salad” and you can make your own using the directions found here. Alternately, The International Confectioner has recipes for a fruit-based “Halloween Salad” and “Pumpkin Nut Pie.” Despite the name Home Needlework Magazine, actually has a lot of recipes in it, like “Apple Jelly” and “Devil’s …

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Free Spooky Pictures

There’s nothing like a few creepy paintings to spice up a dimly-lit hallway at a haunted house or Halloween party. But if you don’t have the skills or monetary resources, setting up a ghoulish gallery can be a problem. That’s where I come in. For today’s update, I’ve assembled a collection of public domain paintings …

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New York Comic Con v. Bad Whoremoans

I’m going to be away from the site for a few days. I’m hanging out at New York Comic Con and seeing a horror play on Saturday. Until then, go buy the new Bad Whoremoans album, Seven Year Itch.

It Came From Wikipedia V

Last seen in 1966, the Daimajin character was revived in 2010 for the TV series Daimajin Kanon. The series is also notable for being the first time Daimajin has battled another giant monster. Confused about the numerous films claiming to be part of the Zombie series? Then you need to read this handy Wikipedia article …

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