Homemade Godzilla Costumes

I’ve occasionally heard people theorize that part of the appeal Japanese monster movies have is the fact that costumes are used, with fans wishing on a subconscious level that they could be one in the cool costume crushing all those little buildings (despite the fact that doing so is much less glamorous than one would imagine). I can’t say how true or untrue that really it, but it would explain why certain fans decided to take on the task of constructing their own Godzilla costumes. Many have tried their hand at making their own, but I think you’ll agree that the one in the following video stands out above the rest:

Awesome, isn’t it? You can see more videos about the development of the costume at the creator’s Youtube channel. Sadly, no tutorials seem to be available about how to make that particular costume. On the plus side, there are some instructions online on how to make a homemade Godzilla costume suitable for your next Halloween party. There’s even a tutorial for an amazing-looking Mechagodzilla costume floating around out there as well!

But get this, that’s not the best fan-made Godzilla costume ever made! No, that honor belongs to the costume used in the 1989 fan film Ookami Otoko tai Gojira (Wolfman, The Legendary Colossal Beast vs. Godzilla). The costume used was so impressive that urban legend started among American fans that Toho actually lent an amateur filmmaker the costume from King Kong vs. Godzilla for use in the film! To learn more about the film (and to see some cool pictures), check out this informative thread over at the Classic Horror Film Board.

UPDATE: There is now a website dedicated to constructing Godzilla costumes called Becoming Godzilla!

Happy Birthday Godzilla!


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    • Bill on December 14, 2012 at 9:33 am
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    There is a godzulla suit up on ebay right now.

  1. Where the heck can I find an actual GOOD costume or instructions for how I can MAKE one. If it is space g, mecha g, I glad with any of those

    1. Those links were the best I was able to find. Everything else was just Youtube videos of people showing off their costumes without giving any directions on how to make them. Perhaps you could try searching for one featuring a costume you like and then contact the uploader to ask for directions?

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