6’+ Episode 58 is Up!

2013 Logo IconTo quote the description given at the new listing:

“Feel free to let this episode of 6′+ into your home. Or perhaps we’re already there? Who’s in your pantry, but Monstermatt Patterson? Don’t look in the foyer – it’s Home Haunting: Jersey Devil Style and they’re REDECORATING! Music from The Coffins, Pirato Ketchup, Surgon Marta, Beauty and the Liquidmen and more.”

Remember to email 6′+ (contact at 6ftplus.com) or leave a comment below about the show, whether you liked it or not. Tell your friends, leave a review on iTunes, but above all – enjoy.

You can find all episodes of 6′+ over at the official site as well as on iTunesStitcher and Spreaker. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

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