Happy El Santo de Mayo!

It’s time for our annual luchador-themed take on Cinco de Mayo and what better way to celebrate than with an El Santo margarita? Granted, I’m not entirely sure if it has anything to do with the famous luchador, but you know what? IT DOES NOW!

Remember back in the first El Santo de Mayo article where it was noted how El Santo surprised everyone by uncharacteristically removing his mask during a 1984 TV interview? Well, that famous part of El Santo history is now on YouTube:

And since no El Santo post would be complete without some footage of the man in the silver mask wrestling, here’s a clip from 1962’s Santo vs. The Vampire Women (aka Samson vs. The Vampire Women):

Even if you don’t watch professional wrestling, you have to admit that’s awesome. Sadly, later El Santo films would opt to save money by filming the wrestling scenes on an empty sound stage rather than in front of a crowd.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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