Save Bray Studios!

Bray Studios. From its origins as a country house purchased by Hammer Films to its eventual development into the production studio used to film countless movies and television series (and that’s not even counting the various musicians that have recorded there), it’s been a major part of cinema history. Some of these projects include episodes of Doctor Who, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the model shots in Alien and numerous Hammer horror films.

However, this famous site is now facing demolition to make way for luxury housing! According to this article:

“Some of the blame for its current state has been placed on its owner, identified by The Daily Mail as agent Neville Hendricks, whom the protesters behind the Save Bray Studios petition accuse of letting the site be “deliberately run into the ground, in order to keep business out and declare the property unviable and unprofitable in order to push through planning permission.” Those protesters say they have testimony from “eminent directors, producers, musicians and rock stars” whose applications to use Bray were rejected based on the false premise that it was already fully booked—all to keep Bray from being a functioning studio.”

You read that right: the current owner apparently let it fall into a state of disrepair on purpose and refuses to let anyone who wants to use the place do so, all so that he has an excuse to level the place. Thankfully, there is a growing movement to stop the senseless destruction and you can help! In addition to signing the above-mentioned petition, you can also like the “Save Bray Studios” page on Facebook. Even big names like Terry Gilliam and Richard O’Brien have joined the cause. Please tell everyone you know about this and get them to join in as well. With enough signatures and attention brought to the deceptive nature of the reason for its proposed demolition, Bray Studios could very well ride out this storm.

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