Super Moon

Sigh…it’s late and the article I’m working on is just not coming out the way it should. Maybe I should just put it aside and bust out some “Super Moon” pictures. Not of the most recent one that was apparently the largest and closest one this year, but the one that was hyped before that. I was going to take pictures of the new one, but it was only slightly bigger than what you’ll see below. It just didn’t seem worth the effort.

Werewolf alert!


I forget, it's amore when what hits your eye? like a big pizza pie?

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to listen to the “Full Moon Rock” episode of the podcast. As a special treat, here’s a selection of free moon-related music downloads using the same format as Free Zombie Music:

“Moonlight Sonata”Ludwig van Beethoven (via MusOpen)
“Moon Mist”Kava Kon
“I’m Your Moon”Jonathan Coulton
“Harvest Moon”Darkmood
“Moonbeam”Ray O’Bannon
“Woven in Moonlight”Ray O’Bannon

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