Costume Crazyness 2013

It’s time for another collection of goofy costumes and things just wouldn’t be the same without the usual crop of Scream stuff. I don’t get why somebody decided to make skeleton and pirate versions of Ghostface. Was this due to an overstock of Scream masks and various costumes? I’m tempted to say “Yes,” but that doesn’t explain the existence of this. And don’t get me started on the bleeding versions

Yeah, this is totally a demon mask and not Batman.

I wonder, does Hulk Hogan die a little on the inside when he signs off on stuff like this that includes a bald cap? Who am I kidding, the Hulkster apparently has no shame.

I’m a knockoff brother! What, did you really think I wasn’t going to bring up Hulk knock-offs as well?

Speaking of Hulks, this licensed Incredible Hulk looks incredibly goofy. He looks so overweight that you’d think he was a knock-off called “The Inflatable Bulk.” Seriously, it looks like a scaled of this definitely unlicensed costume. I swear, it’s not like inflatable muscles are hard to do…

Man, those gamma rays really screwed up the Hulk’s hands! Seriously, what’s with Hulk costumes not actually looking like the character?

Wow, these Spider-Man gloves are amazingly suggestive. This puts a whole new twist on the source of his web fluid…

What makes this Harley Quinn knock-off costume so interesting is the poor choice of name. You see, DC Comics owns a character called “The Jokester.”

I know what you’re thinking and no, this costume of Wolverine’s daughter wasn’t made up just so they could sell a Wolverine costume to women. “Wild Thing” really is an actual Marvel comics character…from a non-canon alternate universe series. If that series didn’t exist, I’d imagine they would’ve dug Wolverina out of the mothballs rather than use Wolverine’s actual daughter. Said “daughter” being a gender reversed ex-hooker clone.


Hhmm…a “Child Orphan” wig. I wonder if this little orphan’s name happens to be “Annie?”

So is this an old costume or did someone really think it would be a great idea to make a knock-off version of Two-Face from Batman Forever nowadays?

Want to dress up as Godzilla for Halloween? If making your own costume sounds like too much work, try buying this costume and adding this mask. Bonus points if you can get a friend to buy this and go as Ultraman.

Go to Amazon and do a search for “Ghost Hurror” if you want to see some mind-boggling knock-offs. The company behind masks like this Bart Simpson knock-off seem to be operating under the belief that adding the word “Ghost” to something’s name makes it a scary mask. I know these guys really are dead, but come on…

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