Creepy Cocktails and Devious Drinks

No jokes here...only pumpkin spice goodness!

See that tasty-looking beverage? That’s “Gravedigger Imperial Pumpkin Ale” and if you homebrew your own beer, then you should be extremely interested in this recipe for it from Jasper’s Homebrew & Winemaking and Supply. In case you’re wondering why I’m showcasing beer and not opting for the “____ More Creepy Cocktails” article title like I usually do, I’ve decided to expand the focus of this series in order to introduce people to a wider variety of beverages. After all, drinks like “Halloween Punch,” “Pumpkin Ice Cream Shake” and “Mad Mad Martian Juice” can’t really be called cocktails, now can they?

But there’s a reason cocktails still get the top billing. As you’ve probably guessed, that reason is due to the sheer number of recipes I’ve gathered up this year, such as this selection of cocktails with wonderfully atmospheric names like “Autumn Leaves,” “A Dark and Stormy Night” and “Death in the Afternoon.”

The “Alien Brain Hemorrhage” cocktail (aka “Zombie Brain Shots” and “Zombie Shots”) is quite freaky looking (and also seems to be a variation of the “Brain Tumor” drink that I discussed last year.

Fans of 30 Rock should enjoy this recipe for the “Stabbing Robot.” Speaking of cocktails from TV shows, The Venture Bros. is responsible for some rather…unique recipes: “The Hot Mummy” and “The Hunchback.”

“Lavender Town Syndrome” might sound like it would fit into the above category due to its obvious Pok√©mon connection, but it technically doesn’t. Why? Because it’s actually named after a creepypasta! It’s odd how the famed creepypasta icon Slender Man doesn’t seem to have a drink named after him (yet), although his “Enderman” counterpart from Minecraft does.

Finally, Fright Catalog has a small selection of Halloween cocktail recipes and you can add a little something extra to your drinks with this recipe for “Gelatin Eyes.”

Special thanks to Jasper’s Homebrew & Winemaking and Supply for use of the image!

Please drink responsibly!

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