Even More Links I Like

And You Thought It Was…Safe(?) – Lots of online review shows make you laugh, but this is the only one I can name that also provides insightful commentary and openly celebrates when a movie is good.

CthulhuWho1’s Blog – A fantastic resource of Lovecraftian images and audio adaptations (complete with links to free downloads).

Watch This Instead – Hilarious movie review podcast focusing on films of the 80’s and 90’s. Although the original site is currently down, you can find all the episodes of the show on iTunes.

Tars Tarkas – If you’re looking for a b-movie review website with a focus on international (especially Asian) cinema, consider your search over.

Dream and Friends – Video games and humor. Usually both at the same time.

Bad Cinema Diary – A monthly smörgåsbord of bad movie reviews.

Zombos’ Closet of Horrors – I don’t know what’s better: the reviews or the massive collection of film publicity materials. Take a look there and decide for yourself.

Propnomicon – As the name suggests, this blog dedicates itself to tutorials on making horror and fantasy props (with a focus on things inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft).

MJSimpson.co.uk – Tons of cult movies reviews, along with numerous interviews with people involved in the British film industry.

The After Movie Diner – The only podcast I know of which combines comedy sketches and catchy original songs with interviews and bad movie reviews.

Haunt Style – Features an in-depth look at the trends in Halloween decor (along with a great selection of spook show posters).

Cephalopod Productions – One of the top sources on making Call of Cthulhu props.

NathanShumate.com – The blog of the man behind the now-defunct Cold Fusion Video Reviews website has tons of great homemade props.

Old Fashion Halloween – I think the blog’s name speaks for itself…

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