It Came From Wikipedia VI

Strange but true: Freddy Krueger is a playable character in Mortal Kombat (Komplete Edition). Sadly, Robert Englund didn’t provide voice work for the character this time around.

Speaking of video games, the classic British game Cauldron was originally supposed to be based on the movie Halloween. I was also surprised to learn there’s a comedic, Japan-only release in the Splatterhouse game franchise called Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti (which translates as “Splatterhouse: Naughty Graffiti”).

Wikipedia has a great list of Godzilla video games and I couldn’t help but notice how the earliest American video game featuring Godzilla lets you kill him with an atomic bomb? I call BS! It’s like making a video game about fire that lets you win by putting it out with gasoline.

Have you ever wondered by Godzilla’s flame breath is blue? Well, it turns out its a reference to an interesting fact regarding radiation.

Famed horror host Svengoolie once appeared as an inmate at Arkham Asylum in DC Comics’ JLA: Liberty and Justice.

As I’m more familiar with Elvira’s pinball games, I was very surprised to learn there was a pinball machine depicting the Universal monsters as members of a rock band!

Death Machine has a whopping four versions available (but sadly the longest version isn’t currently available in America).

The Incredible Melting Man was originally intended to be a parody of horror movies, but was altered during post-production to be more serious.

Fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction should enjoy this list of Haunted Mansion characters, along with this comic book series detailing their origins. Wikipedia also has an entire entry devoted to the mansion’s infamous Hatbox Ghost.

Finally, let’s close things out with some lists. There’s a list of films set around Halloween, a list of the (mostly) horror-related novels and movies set in the the fictional Santa Mira, a list of films by gory death scene and a list of every Halloween Havoc PPV.

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