Music to Haunt By: The Return

Once again it’s time for my annual series of haunted ambiance CD reviews. Due to a scheduling goof on my part, there won’t be any “Sounds to Scare” installments this year (but I’m hoping to change that next year). Those interested in royalty free materials are sure to enjoy this year’s go-round. While you’re waiting for this year’s series of reviews, you can pass the time by looking over last time’s participants:

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Music To Haunt By: Carnival of Lost Souls
Music to Haunt By: Verse 13
Music to Haunt By: The Horrorville Haunt

In addition to the above, the Mission Creeps’ album Halloween has a track called “Land of the Departed” that’s a 30 minute soundscape of various spooky sounds. It also has a creepy reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Shadow: A Parable” that could work well with a “storyteller” prop.

I don’t have any general tips on using sound in haunts this year. Instead, I’ve got an extra special surprise: Two free spooky album downloads! Those who salivated over the review of Darkmood’s Halloween Descends can click here to obtain it, while those looking for something completely new to them should try the Ambient Collective’s Soundtrack to Halloween. If that isn’t enough for you, here are some bonus sound effects!

As a final treat, here’s this year’s tie-in episode of the podcast featuring a great selection of spooky music to haunt your house with.

UPDATE: Although the complete version of Halloween Descends is no longer available, Notic Reign Records is still offering a generous selection of free tracks from it in the link I provided above.

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