So THAT’S what happened to the ‘Transylvania Twist.’

Hanging out on twitter, our good friends at asked



I sent him a link to a follow-up that Bobby “Boris” Pickett released, a two minute semi-instrumental that didn’t catch on as much as ‘The Monster Mash.’ No catchy-chorus or fake Lugosi/Karloff impression meant that the ‘Transylvania Twist’ would stay a throw-away line in a holiday novelty song until 1989.

Transylvania Twist is a movie I am slightly ashamed I had no idea about until just recently. Produced by Roger Corman and featuring both Robert Vaughn and Angus Scrimm (and a cameo by Forrest J. Ackerman?!) the movie seems to be a parody of horror movies that feature, if the Wikipedia entry is to be believed, a serious amount of H. P. Lovecraft references.

The problem, though, is that it looks like a cheap piece of crap.

Saying that the movie has Boris Karloff twenty years after he’s dead (in clips visibly lifted from The Terror) the only real big appeal of the movie is either 1) Seeing Angus Scrimm and 2) the potential for nudity because it’s the late eighties, it’s directed by Jim Wynorski and it’s got that ‘yeah, some woman’s taking her top off’ vibe to it. But if the YouTube comments are to be trusted, it was on USA UP ALL NIGHT and basic cable’s censors would then remove one of the only valid reasons anyone in their demented mind would watch this.

I’d be interested in seeing Forry and maybe having it on in the background so I’ll probably see if I can find it online in the next hour.  But man, maybe that’s why no one does the Transylvania Twist anymore.


Update: This post has been edited to include the trailer to Transylvania Twist

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