Still More Tricks and Treats

Notice how worried the pumpkin in the elf hat looks...

Do you have a welcome mat? By following these instructions, you can turn yours into an “Un-Welcome Mat” for Halloween.

Those who want to decorate with stuff that’s more gruesome than cutesy should check out this incredibly easy to make Bloody Dripping Head Sack. Speaking of gruesome, here’s a free printable Halloween mask that is definitely not for kids. Those seeking more child-friendly fare should go here.

The Insidious Bogleech has some great pumpkin carving templates featuring the faces of various creepy crawlies. Those seeking more traditionally themed templates will love this vampire-themed one by Ghoulish Gary Pullin. It should be noted that the contest mentioned in the link has long since ended. Alternately, A Ghostly Good Time: The Family Halloween Handbook by Woman’s Day has some templates depicting grasping hands.

In need of an amusing and easy-to-make toy or awesome Halloween window decoration? Then check out this awesome fan-made jointed Vincent Price paper doll.

If you like free stuff, Doomed Moviethon and Goblinhaus have some free stickers you’ll be sure to love.

Those who knit should appreciate these free Halloween knitting patterns, in addition to these instructions on how to knit your own facehugger from the Alien franchise.

Remember back when I posted a bunch of links to websites devoted to behind-the-scenes details from the making of various sci-fi/horror films in a previous “Tricks and Treats” article? Well, I found one about the making of the Swedish horror movie Blood Tracks!

While we’re on the subject of horror movies, Head Injury Theater has compiled a handy list of horror movies with particularly bizarre scenes. You can find a prototype version of said list (with some different movies and jokes) here. Just keep in mind that some of the descriptions are NSFW…

Is playing the Arkham Horror board game not quite as fun as it used to be? Spice things up by downloading the free fan-made expansion Cthulhu: Dread Sleeper in R’Lyeh. It’s also a great way to introduce new players to the game, too!

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  1. Tons of fun! I love that Vincent Price printable!!!

  1. […] window (just look at this if you don’t believe me), as would these grasping hands I noted in yesterday’s installment of the Halloween countdown. If you want to make those templates larger, just use the instructions about enlarging patterns […]

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