13 Days: Get Angry

13 Days

On the surface, there’s not much to The Angry Snowmans schtick – punk and hardcore songs done up as Christmas carols. But it’s a lot harder than one might think. The fact that they covered SNFU’s “Broken Toy” makes me happy to no end. But the reason that they deserve your attention is that they managed to turn Bad Religion’s “We’re Only Going To Die (Because Of Our Own Arrogance)” into a decent Christmas song, something that Bad Religion’s recent Christmas EP kinda failed to do.

They have three releases (available at their bandcamp) and each one is a guessing game at to which song they’re transformed. I get most of them. I can see how the novelty will not be there to those unfamiliar with the originals. These aren’t going to win over anyone who isn’t on a first name with The Damned, SNFU, X or The Misfits. But for the punk who wants holiday music that doesn’t suck, they can’t go wrong with the Angry Snowmans.


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