13 Days: Pod Nog

13 Days

What am I doing this weekend? Going to try to find Black Christmas so I can watch it. It’s one of those I haven’t gotten around to seeing yet. I make no bones about it that I am not the most educated man when it comes to horror. I consider myself a novice in movies. It wasn’t my world growing up so I’m late to the dance. But I know about Black Christmas thanks to the Haunted Shack Theater and Faculty of Horror podcasts.

While I’m looking up Black Christmas, I’m also looking for the episode of Haunted Shack Theater where the host, Uncle Yah Yah, celebrates Christmas. In each episode of HST, Uncle Yah Yah plays the audio of a movie (or two if it’s a double feature) and he went over Black Christmas and Deranged back on Episode 5. The problem is that they were hosted by the Garage Punk network but they shifted over. So I have to find a copy of that soon.

The Faculty of Horror, hosted by Alex West and Andrea Subissati, discusses Black Christmas in a more academic manner, offering a different perspective that one usually finds when a deeper meaning is sought out of a horror movie. You can find the first episode here and I encourage you to listen and subscribe to both The Faculty of Horror and Haunted Shack Theater.

Heaven. Hell. I have friends in both.

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