Doin’ it for the Lulz: Charlie Short and Omegle

I still hate the term ‘creepypasta.’ But some of this internet-urban-legend-horror has produced a couple of stars – Laughing Jack, Jeff the Killer, Unwanted House Guest. There even was an actual movie made with an honest-to-god monster, Smiley. So though the name is stupid as fuck, it’s actually producing some horror for the ADHD-minds of the younger generation. Right on! Sure, what reviews I’ve seen of that film make it seem dull and listless, but baby-steps. Baby-steps.

Makeup and effects artist Charlie Short (aka PinkStylist on Youtube) decided to have a bit of fun with some ‘creepypasta’ characters and Omegle, which is the Chatroulette for people who think they’re too good for Chatroulette. Watch as Charlie decides to spook some innocent webcamers, and make sure to subscribe to his channel.




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