Record Store Day Is Coming!

Record Store Day 2014 is scheduled for April 19th and boy have things changed since we first started promoting it here. Although I’m sure participating stores will have some sort of freebies available, most of the focus now seems to be on limited edition vinyl releases that are being made available for purchase on the big day (in addition to special sales and live performances). Judging from the releases (the international list is available here), the people behind Record Store Day have taken criticisms that it’s gotten too mainstream to heart. If the presence of Frank Zappa and Sun Ra vinyl releases doesn’t silence the critics, I don’t know what will!

Horror fans should be especially interested in the 10 inch release of the Ghostbusters theme that glows in the dark, the spooky surf sounds of Hang Ten by Ghoul and (I kid you not) the remastered The Last House on the Left soundtrack. Like I said, they’re really going out of their way to avoid looking too mainstream this year.

As was noted last year, it’s important to support your local record store. Despite big push towards streaming media, the truth is that physical media sales are better for the artists. We’ll be offering plenty of freebies right here on the big day as well (along with our own list of suggested vinyl and cassette purchases). It’s our gift to you once you’re done visiting participating stores in your area. Hope to see you then!

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