6′+ Episode 106 is Up!

2013 Logo IconTo quote the description given at the new listing:

“It’s no DQ and the championship’s on the line in a mix of horror and professional wrestling, plus plenty of the music that puts the SHOCK! in the Shockmaster. New music from The Limit Club and songs from Shinging Wizardo, The Secretions, Night Birds and more.”

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    • VinnieV on May 29, 2014 at 3:29 pm
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    Another tasty episode that brings back wrestling match memories (including Vampiro’s association with Psychopathic Records and iirc The Misfits appearing several times in the WCW in a sloppy storyline). I’m betting this episode left you with plenty of left over material, yes? (perhaps a part two is in order!? wink wink)

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